Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Fantage eCoin Cheats

The gaming world have reached a wider audience and seized a larger market with the help of the web as well as social networking sites. Many individuals, both young and old, have gained access through many free online games. You can find all kinds of games online for all types of gamers. There are games for all types of ages, genres, and interest; from farming, card games, fashion, construction, and many more. This is why online games are growing in popularity in all parts of the world. Plus, with the birth of social networks the gaming world has become more available to everyone. One of the games that is fast becoming popular among kids these days is the avatar-based chat and arcade game which is Fantage. To be on the edge of this game you will need an advantage with the help of Fantage Cheats.

cheats for fantage

The virtual world of Fantage provides you with several choices and this includes a paid membership. This online game allows you to purchase items for your closet or home with the use of gem, stars, and stickers. As being a paid member, you have the advantage of having use of special items as well as you are given extra currency. For other gamers who does not be on this bracket you'll have to work extra hard to earn every currency. Stars are the currency of this game which you'll need to earn by beating a game.

Majority of these games utilize arcade style mechanics and the location is mostly inside the "Carnival" area. Shirts, glasses, hats, shoes, skirts, jackets, and pants are among the clothing items that you can purchase by trading your star for it. You must be aware that each item you have purchased automatically moves to your inventory. In order for you to use an item that you have purchased you have to click the inventory button, scroll through the options, and click on that particular item to use. In every online game there are always other ways to carry out with the game. In this game, you should use Fantage cheats for your benefit and advantage.

cheats for fantage

One of the many Fantage cheats is being able to move around Fantage without wearing any pair of shoes. This type of cheat is possible with the ownership of any dance party outfit. Don the dance party outfit to complete the cheat. Move to your inventory and clothe themselves with all items that are present in it but with the exception of the shoes. Fantage cheats exactly like it will require you to leave your inventory window to walk around without any shoes.

Fantage cheats that you need to take advantage of is the money cheat. Money is an essential method by which you are able to purchase fresh clothes. New Year's day is the only time that Fantage cheats like this one will be able to work and will help provide you with unlimited money. For this to be realized you will have to visit the castle and click on the New Year's icon. This will help you obtain the New Year's items. Open the map screen and go to Lucky Bob's Trading Place, then you can sell the New Years’ item by clicking on the sell button.